Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse osmosis plants are used to remove dissolved solids from the water by using membrane technology. In practice, they are used for treatment of salty well waters and sea water to obtain utility or drinking water.
Reverse osmosis plants operate by passing pre-treated and pressurized water through polyamide membranes having very small pores and retaining fully dissolved molecules by 95-99%, except water molecules. Reverse osmosis is the ideal technology for well water treatment above a certain conductivity level and preparation of special process waters.

Well Water Treatment Systems

Reverse osmosis is still the only applicable method for treatment of well waters with of high salinity. Rielli reverse osmosis plants regulate undesired or above-the-standards parameters in well waters (such as bacteriological pollution, sediments, turbidity, limey water (hard water), high conductivity etc.) to bring them to utility water levels or drinking water levels, if required.

Sea Water Treatment Plants

Sea water reverse osmosis plants (SWRO) treat sea water by membrane technology and produce drinking and utility water. Rielli SWRO plants are designed by our project department upon your demands and manufactured by our qualified technicians in line with their field of expertise.