(MBR) Membrane Bioreactor Plants

Membrane bioreactor type (MBR) waste water treatment plants consist of the combination of submerged type membrane ultrafilter and aerobic biological treatment reactor. These systems are used for advanced treatment of domestic and industrial waste waters. All solid substances larger than 0.02 microns are kept by the membrane and the treated water with almost no solid substances and microorganisms is discharged.

(MBR) Membran Bioreactor Module

High operation flux Energy saving with high productivity in low pressure
Long chemical wash intervals
Cost-effective operation and investmenti
Reinforced membrane fiber
Thanks to the patented design no membrane fouling by sludge at the ends of fibers.
Special collector allowing intervention to all membrane fibers

Grey Water Recovery

Waters coming from sinks, baths and showers not containing septic waste are defined as grey water