BiOWiSHTM   Crop

Improves crop yield while restoring soil fertility

The BiOWiSHTM Crop technology can significantly improve crop yield without increasing your overall fertilizer spend. Farmers,
governments, and research institutes around the world have tested the BiOWiSHTM Crop technology and results show increased yield on a variety of crops including rice, maize, tomatoes, wheat, and more. BiOWiSHTM Crop is a fertilizer additive that helps increase micronutrient uptake in plants, improves plant vigor and stimulates microbial activity in the soil. Growers, distributors and institutions have reported that using BiOWiSHTM Crop technology improves crop yields and quality,
adding directly to the farmer`s bottom line.
Created using a proprietary process, the BiOWiSHTM Crop technology stimulates microbial activity in the soil, increases nutrient availability, enhances root growth, and improves plant vigor. In addition, ingredients in the BiOWiSHTM Crop technology help preserve soil condition for the long term and reduce potential contamination to ground water..



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