Cooling water treatment

Water is a commonly used cooling agent in the industry. In each cooling equipment the condenser, heat exchanger and the cooling tower packing have to keep working optimal to accomplish a maximum efficiency. This can only be accomplished with a sufficient water treatment to inhibit the corrosion that can occur and to prevent the formation of organic and inorganic scale/deposits. Good maintenance and treatment is also necessary to control growth of the Legionella bacteria.

AQUATREAT has a wide variety of high technological products to propose an optimal treatment for each system. We have products to treat open recirculating cooling systems as well as closed systems and once through cooling systems to prevent the mentioned problems.


- Excellent dispersion
- Corrosion inhibition
- Strong bio-dispersing
- Prevents and removes inorganic scale
- Cleaning properties
- No acid dosing required
- Active against biofouling, synergy with biocides
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Treatment of closed circuits


AQUATREAT 128 is a strong concentrated liquid product that can be used in soft and hard drinking water to prevent corrosion and scaling. Application: direct use in drinking water, food graded
• AQUATREAT 711 treats the feed water tank (after degasser), boiler water and steam/condensate lines with only one dosing pump.
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AQUATREAT 222 is a very efficient dispersant for hardness-salts and metallic-oxides. AQUATREAT is also a very efficient corrosion-inhibitor.
AQUATREAT 222 contains sequestrants, anionic polymers and wetting-agents.
AQUATREAT 222 has been developed to avoid or remove deposits composed of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide, iron oxide, insoluble phosphates and silicates.
AQUATREAT 222 may be applied in closed, open and once-through cooling-water systems, desalinisation plants, phosphoric acid plant and all other systems where above mentioned deposits will occur. .
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